The CLONE by Prestik | 'PJ' Series Glass Washer
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Standard features include such items as:
. LowE detector on entry conveyor
. Stainless steel, pans, dividers, tanks, covers
. Manual hydraulic cylinder to lift 'Clamshell Top'
. Top and bottom brush drives
. Special LowE brush bristle
. 2 heaters in recirculating detergent tank
. Recirculating detergent system
. Photosensor controls final rinse solenoid value
. Stainless steel pumps
. Recirculating rinse system
. Manual height adjustment for " and " glass
. 3 pair of special engineered air knives for drying glass entered straight edge leading
. 'Touch Screen' controls all functions in either manual or automatic made:
-- temperature settings
-- water temperature display
-- heater safety shut-off if water too low
-- variable conveyor speed
-- and much more
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