High  Efficient I.R. Halogen Lamps.
Top Tray Quickly Opens.
Bottom Tray Slides Out.
Lower I.G. Unit Temperature.
5 Pair Compression Rolls.
Positive Drive System.
Accurate Height Adjustment.
Safety Tension Adjustable Clutch.
Infrared Level 'A' State of the Art Oven.
5 Pairs Neoprene Covered 6" Diameter Rolls in Compression Section.
2" Diameter, Quick Release, Air Cooled Hollow Seamless Stainless.
Steel Rolls in Heating Section.
Infrared Halogen Lamps with High Polished Reflectors.
3 Heat Zones with Lamps Offset 3 Degrees.
Lamps Adjust Automatically for Constant Distance From Sealant with Compression Rolls.
Touch Screen for Control of:
Preheat Timer System.
Lamp Failure Detection.
Electronic Speed Control.
Automatic Height Adjustment.
Operating Temperature with Alarm System and Automatic Temperature Override.
Automatic Shut -off if Unit is Left Unattended Over 30 Minutes.
Solid State Phase Angle Fired with Soft Start System.
Finished I.G. Unit Thickness Displayed and Retained for QC Purposes.

Bonding Temperature Monitor System, This can be done Periodically for QC Purposes and Information is Retained for Downloading or Printing.

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