Designed for continuous automatic application of Safety Film on glass. The line includes a vertical washer and all necessary conveyors and safety switches to automatically apply Safety Film to the glass surface.
The line is adaptable for either metal spacer, SuperSpacer or Squiggle. The spacer is manually applied and then the units are automatically assembled. Final sealing can be manual or automatically applied.
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A. CLONE Flat Glass Washers
In addition to the already long list of standard features, we are now including the following additional features on all 60" and larger washers:
-LowE Detector on entry conveyor to alert operator if the lite is wrong side up.
-Top and Bottom brush drives to eliminate necessity of removing belts prior to opening 'Clamshell Top'.
-New designed air knives that allow for drying glass straight edge leading.
-New special LowE brush bristle.
-'Touch Screen' to control all functions.
B. 'Touch Screen'

The new 'Touch Screen' will be standard for all our CLONE Flat Glass Washers. It can be operated in either manual or automatic mode, and controls all functions of the washer. As an example of the features, the operator sets both the conveyor speed and heater temperature from the screen. In addition, to setting the desired temperature, the operator can monitor the existing water temperature from the screen.

C. SILENCER Sound Abatement Enclosure

With our policy of continually looking for a better 'mouse trap', we have engineered changes to the interior design of the SILENCER which has not only improved the product, it has allowed us to lower our pricing for this option. Order the SILENCER Sound Abatement Enclosure and see how 82dBA can make a difference.

D. 4 Corner Lift System

Our engineering have worked on this option, and have made changes that allow the operator to raise the 'Clamshell Top' easily from our new Touch Screen. The top can be opened completely for servicing and/or removal of broken glass, as well it can be automatically adjusted for washing either " or " glass. And, all of this is done from the new 'Touch Screen'.

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A. New Design
Our all stainless steel vertical washer has had a face lift. The basic design has been altered and new features added.
B. New Air Knife Design
In order to meet the demand for higher speeds, we designed new style air knives to ensure positive drying up to 15FPM. The new stainless steel 'Tear Drop' style air knives will allow the operator to regulate the speed from the new drive gearbox.
C. New Inspection Lights
The new style Inspection lights, with polished reflectors, make final inspection quicker and easier for the operator.
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